JULY: Disability Pride Month/Fair housing


In the past 32 years, July has been an important month for people with disabilities. In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed on July 26th, 1990.

Boston was the first city to hold a parade to celebrate Disability Pride Day that year. Since then, marches, pageants, and parades have been held in cities across the country. In addition, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio officially declared July as Disability Pride Month in 2015.

Disability is a spectrum encompassing a wide range of illnesses. Despite the societal view of disability, it's not something that exists in isolation.

Many people believe Disability Pride Month is trying to steal spotlights from LGBTQ+ Pride Month. The concepts of disability and queerness aren't mutually exclusive. In reality, disability is a world of intersecting identities. Taking part in disability celebrations is also taking part in queer celebrations.

Disability Pride Month is an opportunity for communities to showcase all they have to offer. The day is also an opportunity for disabled people to celebrate their bodies without apologizing. Whether you are disabled or an ally, Disability Pride Month is full of so much to celebrate. Visit How to Celebrate Disability Pride Month to read more.

Event Details

Event Date 07-01-2022
Event End Date 07-31-2022