Volunteer Pool/Community Outreach

Organizes and provides a source of manpower for all board projects such as charitable events, community service projects, technology projects, fundraising, social and networking events, educational events and more through the utilization of specific task forces throughout the year. Also raises funds for the Realtor Community Care Fund.

Circle of Excellence Verification

Reviews & verifies applications for NJAR Circle of Excellence Sales Award. Meets daily from January 6th through January 24th.  Limited openings.


Acts as a “grand jury” in evaluating complaints to determine if the complaint has sufficient merit for forwarding to the Professional Standards Committee for a hearing. Limited openings. Mandatory educational sessions. Meets as required by the CEO and President of NCJAR.

RPAC Team Captains

Promotes REALTORS® Political Action Committee & raises voluntary RPAC funds within your office. Responds to IMPAC issues in communities. Meetings scheduled as needed. (Check with your broker before applying to see if there is already a team captain for your office)

Professional Standards

Enforces the Code of Ethics by conducting hearings on the complaints of ethical violations and arbitrates monetary disputes between members. Limited openings. Mandatory educational sessions.

Young Professionals Network (YPN)

Join NCJAR’s YPN Chapter – a group of members who develop education, technology, & networking opportunities that meets their needs. Become part of the NAR database of YPN & join the YPN blog of agents across the country sharing information & ideas.

Social Media Influencer Committee

NCJAR Member Influencers, share NCJAR Content, Events & Resources on their social media feeds. Must have established Social Media credibility in the industry, have access to a large audience, whereby they can promote NCJAR Education & Events.

Discount Programs

Members in coordination with NCJAR staff will reach out to local and national companies, to negotiate discount programs that will benefit NCJAR Members. Members on this committee will meet a minimum of three times a year and follow up with NCJAR staff.