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Major security risk using ALL versions of Internet Explorer

On Saturday, Microsoft released information that cybercriminals are exploiting an unpatched and critical vulnerability in Internet Explorer (IE) using "drive-by" attacks.  This affects ALL versions of Internet Explorer (IE) and ALL Microsoft Operating Systems.
Read more in our article: Microsoft Internet Explorer Security Risk

IT Services for NCJAR Members
Having served the REALTOR community for two decades and having relationships with industry leaders, RJR Solutions provides the most thorough and reliable service available today.  Learn how you can collaborate with your associates, prospects, and clients.  RJR offers a complete line of technology services including:

  • Hardware/software sales and service
  • Managed Network Services
  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Web design, hosting and maintenance
  • Secure cloud email services
  • Virus and Malware Detection and remediation
  • Secure offsite backup

Active NCJAR members receive discounts on some of the more commonly needed services. 
Please contact our office for details.

IMPORTANT:  Windows XP, Server 2003, Office 2003 End of Life
Microsoft has officially announced the End of Life for Windows XP, Server 2003, and Office 2003 by April 2014.  By issuing the End of Life, although your computer will still function, it will quickly become a target since Microsoft will not longer provide security and bug updates.  On big issue will be regarding Internet Explorer, which is stuck in version 8 (current version is 11) and cannot be upgraded beyond that point in Windows XP.  Read more in our article: RJR - Windows End of Life

Computer Recycling Services
When recycling old computers and servers, it is critical that you destroy all the data from the hard drive.  When people recycle a computer and fail to ensure their personal data is completely destroyed, there is a strong possibility that your personal information will get in the hands of identity thieves, scam artists, and criminals.  Since this is a very serious issue, RJR Solutions provides complete Data Destruction services prior to recycling your old equipment.  We also offer Data Destruction Certificates upon request for your specific systems. 
For more information regarding these services,please click here.

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