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Deepen your understanding of what the merger of North Central Jersey Association of Realtors® (NCJAR) and the Passaic County Board of Realtors® (PCBOR) means to you and your business.

The combination of NCJAR & PCBOR brings together the complementary strengths of two great organizations. This merger brings together best-in-class technologies, products, benefits and service capabilities across our collective membership.

Major changes are occurring in the real estate industry. The industry tends to be less localized and more regionalized. The number of multi-office firms and corporations is increasing. REALTORS® serve larger markets than ever before and are increasingly seeking economies of scale in all facets of their business. This has prompted many associations to investigate the possibility of merging with one or more neighboring associations. In essence, the purpose of an association merger is to join association resources in order to create a larger, stronger organization. Because the individual association’s fundamental mission (to provide services and promote the common interests of all its Members) is identical to the association(s) with which it intends to join, the merger will serve only to reaffirm and expand upon those principles and ideals.
Yes, PCBOR® has long been courted by other surrounding associations to merge. Many Association mergers have occurred all across the United States over the past few decades. For PCBOR®, It is of utmost importance to find synergy and a shared strategic vision to establish the right fit in the endeavor of a merger.
NCJAR is a strong organization, there is no pressure for a merger. This is an opportunity. It is recognized that this is completely a decision about Members’ best interest. We have the opportunity to break boarders & barriers to be bigger, better and stronger, that is a very compelling reason! Our political and organizational influence will grow exponentially on behalf of our Members, private property rights as well as within the organization at the New Jersey and National levels.
No. One of the benefits of a merger is Dues Stability. This merger will allow NCJAR to expand member services, resources, and opportunities for our members while maintaining one of the lowest membership dues cost in New Jersey.
The name will remain North Central Jersey Association of Realtors® - with an added Passaic County branch.
The Wayne location will remain, and become one of the four locations to serve Members. Members will be welcome to contact or visit any location in Morristown, Westfield, Bloomfield, and Wayne, New Jersey.
Morristown, Westfield and Bloomfield, New Jersey. Members will be welcome at any location.
The PCBOR® staff will remain and have expansion of their departments, communications, membership, education and events. Michelle Perrone Epstein, current CEO of PCBOR® will become the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Mary Cano will remain the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the North Central Jersey Association of Realtors®
We anticipate the new territory will encompass approximately 13,000 Realtor® Members.
There are offices and Members throughout Northern and Central New Jersey. Territory of NCJAR is currently Morris, Essex, and Union Counties, Passaic County would be added to the territory claimed by NCJAR® to the National Association of Realtors® in the official merger documents.
There will be no impact to a Member’s daily business. Members will be able to call upon the association and MLS for services the same as always, except that the services are expanding. Members will have increased opportunities to network and cooperate with Realtor® neighbors in an unprecedented association setting within New Jersey. You will be a Member of the largest local-regional association within New Jersey.
PCBOR committees will be merged into NCJAR’s Committees and maintain the task-force format rather than committees. Task-forces are utilized to execute strategic initiatives lead by the strategic plan. Additionally, NCJAR® utilizes a volunteer pool who are called upon to handle community activities, fundraisers or other needs within the association. A post-merger transition taskforce will unify governing documents, committees, programs, products, education and resources.
NCJAR® Involvement is virtually the same as it is now with PCBOR®, a call for volunteers will be issued each Fall. Regarding leadership opportunities, there is a nominating committee for potential leadership positions as well as a leadership academy to assist Members on their leadership journey. Applications are issued each year for anyone interested in becoming a Trustee.
PCBOR® and NCJAR® are both Member Boards of the Garden State MLS and will remain service centers for Member’s GSMLS needs. MLS services will not be affected for any of the Multiple Listing Services utilized by our Members.
PCBOR will be a town-hall format meeting to answer any Member questions, which will be on Thursday, March 21st at the Wayne Fire Department on Parish Drive in Wayne. Members will vote on the merger at the April 11th General Membership Meeting. Date time and location will be available soon. If approved, the newly formed Association will be effective upon NAR Approval.

Questions & Concerns regarding the merger can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.