2024 NCJARs Installation Gala 2Secure your spot at NCJAR's Installation Gala on January 25, 2024, 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm at the Park Savoy. Exclusive for NCJAR Members, celebrate our 2024 President, Officers, and Trustees with an Open Bar, Cocktail Hour, Plated Dinner, and Viennese Table.

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Real estate professionals and enthusiasts gathered virtually on Monday, November 20th, from 10 am to 12 pm to partake in an insightful and exclusive webinar hosted by NCJAR. The session, presented by the esteemed Isabelle Perkins, a seasoned Real Estate Instructor in MA, NJ, and NY, delved into key aspects shaping the real estate landscape today.

Navigating Legal Landscapes: NAR Lawsuit Updates 

The webinar commenced with a comprehensive update on recent NAR lawsuits, providing attendees with crucial insights into the ever-evolving legal dynamics within the real estate industry. Participants gained a deeper understanding of the implications and potential impacts on their professional endeavors.

Building Relationships Strategically: CIS in Action 

Isabelle Perkins skillfully navigated the topic of building meaningful relationships in real estate using the Customer Information Sheet (CIS). Attendees discovered effective strategies to enhance client connections, laying the foundation for long-term success.

Compensation Unveiled: Exploring Diverse Methods 

RPR Upcoming WebinarsEveryone has different learning styles. Some want to watch a quick video, others want to print out a guide and read every detail, step-by-step. RPR got you covered.

The RPR Learning Center lets you choose how and what you want to brush up on when it comes to RPR features and capabilities. Choose by time, skill level, topics and learning type.

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NCJAR at triple play 2023 5New Jersey Realtors® Chief Counsel Barry Goodman and New Jersey Realtors® CEO Jarrod Grasso are back with an extended legal update session at Realtors® Triple Play with a virtual option on Dec. 6 at 10 a.m. Attend this session in person in Hall A of the Atlantic City Convention Center or click here to register for the virtual session

They'll cover the top 10 New Jersey legal issues affecting all licensees including an update on the NAR Anti-Trust Lawsuit, and the session will be followed by a question-and-answer period.

international day of persons with disabilities 2Empowering Diversity and Inclusion - December 3, 2023

In the spirit of fostering diversity and inclusion, NCJAR proudly joins the global community in celebrating the International Day of People with Disabilities. This annual observance, held on December 3rd, aims to promote awareness, understanding, and acceptance of people with disabilities while advocating for their rights and equal opportunities. As a leading force in the real estate industry, NCJAR recognizes the importance of inclusivity and strives to create a community where everyone feels valued and supported.

Real estate is more than just transactions and properties; it's about building communities that reflect the rich tapestry of humanity. The International Day of People with Disabilities provides a unique opportunity for NCJAR members to reflect on their role in creating an inclusive environment within the real estate industry. By embracing diversity and understanding the unique needs of individuals with disabilities, realtors can contribute to the creation of accessible and welcoming spaces for all.

Navigating the NAR Lawsuit and Thriving in a Dynamic Market 2The ongoing NAR lawsuit is a complex, long-term process that demands attention and preparedness from all real estate professionals. As litigation unfolds over the years, NAR remains committed to defending pro-consumer and pro-competitive practices in local broker marketplaces.

NAR's proactive measures aim to ensure consumers maintain access and opportunities while empowering real estate professionals to serve their best interests. While legal teams vigorously defend these practices, it's crucial for REALTORS® to communicate this reality consistently in all their interactions and platforms.

Amidst this landscape, education is key. Equip yourself with resources like competition.realtor to stay updated on the NAR lawsuit. Additionally, consider gaining essential education through ABR & SRS Designations and NJREC Approved Agency Continuing Education courses. These resources will not only enhance your skills but also better position you to navigate this evolving market confidently.

While the legal battle continues, each member's role in shaping the public perception is pivotal. Let's collectively uphold the value real estate professionals bring and ensure consumers' continued benefits in this ever-changing landscape.

RealtorEmeritus23 2A REALTOR® Member who has held membership in the National Association as a REALTOR®, REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®, or both, for a cumulative period of forty (40) years and has completed at least one (1) year of service at the National Association level is eligible for REALTOR® Emeritus status.

Applications are currently closed. If you missed the deadline, the application will re-open on January 15, 2024 for approvals at the May 2024 meetings.

Please note: Applications can ONLY be submitted by the local association on behalf of the member requesting Emeritus status.



The REALTOR® Emeritus status eligibility requirements are:

  • Forty (40) years of REALTOR® or REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® (or both) membership.
  • Proof of one (1) year of service* at the National Association level.

gency Relationships and Disclosure 2In the wake of the NAR Lawsuit discussions, it's pivotal to equip yourself with specialized Buyer Agency Knowledge that transcends industry norms.
Secure your spot at NCJAR's Free Agency Training on Monday, December 11th, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm, presented by Isabelle Perkins, an esteemed Real Estate Instructor in MA, NJ, and NY. This session is tailored to empower you with insights into market shifts and invaluable skills to guide your buyers through evolving landscapes.
Uncover innovative strategies to address buyer concerns and secure agreements confidently. Plus, as an exclusive benefit, earn 3 NJ Core CE Credits.


DECEMBER 6, 2023

Morning Breakfast (8:00 AM - 11:00 AM)

  • Start your day with breakfast at the Convention Center (Room 321).

Evening Reception (4:00 PM - 7:00 PM)

  • Join us for appetizers and an open bar to network and relax at Wingcraft Kitchen & Beer Bar, conveniently located across the street from the Sheraton and Convention Center.

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