Why Realtors VoteAs is always the case with Election Day fast approaching, we are inundated with political advertisements, social media posts, and other messages daily. It can be easy to get turned off by the negativity of elections politics. 

While a lot of attention is paid to the top of the ticket candidates, keep in mind that on November 3, your vote will collectively determine not only the Presidency of the United States but also 33 U.S. Senate seats, 435 U.S. House of Representatives seats, 20 gubernatorial and lieutenant gubernatorial seats, 128 state and local executive office seats across 28 states, as well as 95 statewide ballot measures. That's why it is imperative that we who are REALTORS® make sure that we vote!

NCJAR encourages you, our members, to:

Educate Yourself on Candidates and Ballot Initiatives

We are all passionate about real estate. NAR staff is working hard to interview and identify Realtor® champions! Realtor® champions are elected officials who have made significant achievements in advancing home and property ownership, whose policy agendas align with the Realtor® Party's mission. They raise awareness of important ballot initiatives at the state and local levels. The hard work has already been done for you!

N.J. Ballot Initiatives

In New Jersey, these three initiatives are on the ballot:

  • Question #1 – Should the possession and use of marijuana be legalized?
  • Question #2 – Should peacetime veterans be eligible to receive the same veterans' property tax deduction available to veterans who serve in time of war?
  • Question #3 – Should the state legislative redistricting process and use of new districts be delayed if census data is received after February 15?

Volunteer, if You Feel Comfortable in Doing So

States are anticipating a shortage of poll workers and volunteers. If you feel comfortable in doing so, we encourage you to volunteer to help bridge this shortfall. By witnessing our democracy up close and personal, you will learn so much. So, consider adding election volunteering to those things you can cross off your bucket list!

We must make our voices heard from Capitol Hill in Washington to our statehouses and city halls nationwide. Your vote is your voice. 

Make sure your voice is heard in shaping the communities where we live and work, our states, and our country by casting your ballot in this critically important election!