NJ Realtors® requires all completed Circle of Excellence applications and payments to be printed, signed, and physically submitted with verification materials to one of NCJAR’s locations no later than January 8, 2021, by 5:00 pm.

You can safely drop off applications at any one of NCJAR’s offices. Applications must be in a sealed envelope.

No-Contact Drop OFF Locations

Morristown – Front of Building (Inside Vestibule)

Wayne – Back of Building (Drop Box)

Bloomfield – Back of Building (Drop Box)

Westfield – Front of Building (Inside Vestibule)


Applicants must make sure they initial/sign page(s) where applicable.

Certification Page- top of the page needs to filled out and bottom is signed by applicant and broker/manager

Application Rules- bottom is signed by applicant

Advertising Rules- applicant initials at the top

Advertising Rules (continued)- bottom is signed by the applicant

All Non-MLS transactions must have proof of compensation and/or company transaction report attached.

Put the application in an envelope with your name on it before dropping off at the board. 

The 2020 award levels are:

  • Platinum: $20 million and 30 units minimum, or 125 units
  • Gold: $12 million and 25 units minimum, or 90 units
  • Silver: $6.5 million and 20 units minimum, or 70 units
  • Bronze: $2.5 million and 15 units minimum, or 30 units

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