Screenshot 2023 06 01 at 11.56.08 AMThe 2023 LGBTQ+ market is an important demographic to consider when looking at real estate. In the US, about 8 million people identify as LGBTQ+, and this population has grown significantly over the past few years. This growing population has a significant impact on the housing market, influencing demand for homes and what types of properties are available. 


LGBTQ homeowners are a powerful force in the housing market. They tend to be more affluent and educated than their heterosexual counterparts, and they often have different preferences when it comes to properties. For example, LGBTQ homeowners may prefer homes with access to amenities like bars or restaurants that cater to their community.  


LGBTQ people also tend to be more tech savvy and have higher rates of technology adoption. This can make them attractive to real estate agents who are looking for tech-savvy buyers. 


In addition, LGBTQ homeowners often look for properties that are in communities where they feel safe and accepted. This means that the right kind of marketing can draw these potential buyers to certain areas, which is an important consideration when it comes to real estate. 


Overall, understanding the impact of the growing LGBTQ population on the housing market can give you a better understanding of the current landscape and help you make more informed decisions about your investments in real estate. Understanding this demographic’s needs is key to staying ahead of the competition in today’s market. By being aware of the needs of this population, real estate agents can better serve their clients and help them find the perfect property for their situation. The 2023 LGBTQ market is one to watch closely as it continues to grow and evolve. With the right strategies in place, real estate professionals can capitalize on this powerful demographic. 


Take part in Pride Month by finding out how you can celebrate it. Leaders in the real estate industry formed the LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance in June 2020. The LGBTQ+ community joined forces with influential real estate professionals and allies to create a new voice in real estate. In addition to advocating on behalf of all LGBTQ+ people on their housing needs, the Alliance is also a leading advocate in real estate and housing policy. The LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance advocates, elevates, and celebrates. Visit for more information.